Practice for Body and Mind

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Living with more peace, relaxation and surrender, entering into life with an open heart. Nathalie wants to offer women what they need to come closer to themselves, to feel (more), to release and reveal emotions and patterns, making space in your body and mind. So that you become more present and aware of yourself, the path you are on and the direction in your life. In the practice, Nathalie only works with women.


If you feel more drawn to a spiritual approach, check out my other website Nathalie Nevali.




Podcast  - In the Heart of Being, a Spiritual Journey - Nathalie Nevali

In this podcast we connect body and spirit. Nathalie works as a healer and therapist and in this podcast she consults the spirits, guides and counselors. They connect her to the layers of being, dimensions and the library of knowledge. Which she loves to share with you all. Her partner in the podcast is Jose. Join us on our quest, weaving the unknown into thw known.

Listen and download on Spotify or on 'In the Heart of Being'.