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As a child, I was into yoga poses that I did not know at the time. Years later when I went to college, I was introduced to yoga through a friend. From then on, yoga has been a common thread in my life. One time I committed to a daily practice, a special experience. The depth you go through when you commit yourself to a daily cycle of exercises and meditation. I can recommend it to anyone.
Yoga is important to me, it takes me deeper and opens my body and mind more and more. Life becomes calmer, more peaceful, loving and harmonious.

I have practised many different forms of yoga and taken training courses. However, the depth and surrender with which Ganga practised her transformative yoga that fascinated me. The depth and spiritual aspect broadened my view of yoga even more. It was never about how deep and perfect a person could perform a pose. Always about feeling what was happening in the body, connecting with the breath and letting resistance and fear be there so that we could open to love. Something I love to pass on to you.

Yoga is one of the most beautiful ways to hear, feel and allow the silence within ourselves. The postures prepare you for the silence and sense of oneness you can perceive in all postures and in meditation. A deep peace and trust can come over you and allows you to act and live from here. My classes are a combination of transformative yoga, yin yoga and therapeutic yoga.

Do you like to deepen you're yoga practise then give yourself a private lesson that’s been specifically tailored to what you’re feeling at that moment. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a private lesson or a 4 private class card. 


Private or Therapeutical Yoga

During a private lesson we search together for your main point of focus at this time. From there we choose the asanas and the meditations matching your current situation. If you want to practice yoga at home, daily or several times a week, you can choose a private class card.

Together we choose the body positions (asana's), breathing excercises and meditation you can practice at home. Once a week or every two/three weeks you come back and we look at youe experience and when necessary choose different asana's and meditation techniques. I invite you to explore...

90 minutes - €75- 

4 lessons of 90 minutes -  €260,-*

call 06-14421554 or send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Card is valid for one year after purchase 


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